Jean’s Story


Jean Pearson uses Involve’s Community Transport service to visit her son who is serving time in prison. The service took on even more significance when he was moved to Cambridgeshire. 

"They were going to move him to Dartmoor which would have been terrible and because of my health, the doctor sent a letter to Lewes prison, where he used to be to try and stop him from going that far. In the end, my son called me and said he was going to Cambridgeshire, not Dartmoor, which was ok as it was only an hour and a half away.”

Because of her health issues, Jean would find it near impossible to visit her son without Community Transport. “I can’t use public transport because of my angina, I’ve had three heart attacks, a leaking valve in my heart and breathing issues also. I’ve a job to get shoes on half the time as my ankle is swollen up, and that’s all to do with my heart complaint.

“Where I live, I'd need a taxi to the station, then the train to London, mess about with connections and the prison itself isn't in a central location.

“I find Community Transport reasonable priced, I save quite a bit. I can’t go on public transport to Cambridgeshire, I mean it would cost an arm and a leg if I had to. The office team worked out all the costs, and it was far cheaper than any other option so I was really, really pleased.

Tracey worked out all the costs, and it was far cheaper than any other option so I was really pleased.

“My son's been all over the place. He spent a period of time in Norwich, I had the Transport service take me to there also. That was a long day. My driver Brian picked us up at 8.30 in the morning and we got home at 7 o’clock in the evening. He was happy there, there was a restaurant and he could go and do whatever he wanted to do.

“Transport is very important to the local community. If anyone was to ring and ask if you could arrange a service for them, they'd make it happen very quick. When my regular driver was on holiday, as the office knew the dates for my visits, within two days I got a phone call saying they had a replacement driver and my trip to see my son could still go ahead.

“Supposing I wanted to arrange a trip, all I'd have to do is ring Tracey on the Monday, and ask if I could have a driver for the Friday. That afternoon I'd get a phone call saying so-and-so can do it for you, which is excellent. I've never had any problems at all.”