I come to the exercise classes which I find immensely enjoyable and useful.

I’ve found it has given me more confidence I think since I’ve had my spinal operations three years ago. I became immobilised for six months, I didn't leave the house or even go to the garden, walking was very difficult. I didn’t realise that I had lost my confidence but I obviously had. Suddenly you go out on your own and you then realise it. But through coming here, it hasn’t actually eased the pain, I think I always will have backache so the pain level is constantly there, but it has given me the confidence to walk around, and I’ve since bought a walker. Having the walker makes me stand upright, whereas a stick is more to one side and gave me hip problems. So the walker now is helping me as a well. With the walker and my improved confidence, I will go into town, with the helper accompanying me with the Community Transport service, but on my own in town.

I was having a blood test, it was one of those days where I was feeling quite low. I was put in touch with Involve Kent. There are 36 classes in my particular course and so far I’ve only missed two!

Get involved, definitely! Everybody’s personality is different, but I’m quite a socialable person. I find everyone at the classes very friendly. I’m amazed at how helpful people are, especially the volunteer staff.