I really don't know where to begin to say how appreciative I am to Involve Carers, for helping to lessen the impact I felt my caring role was having on my life. The stress/distress and lack of social life were beginning to take a toll on me, which is when I first contacted Involve at the end of summer 2014.

As my caring roll over the past ten years had increased, it had become easier not to work and move into my mother's home to care for her full time, although I still had my own house. I became concerned that I was losing myself in my caring role, and that it was becoming all consuming. I still wanted to care for my mother though, because she is so lovely.

The Carers Assessment has given me a clearer plan for the future. The 'keeping in touch' monthly phone calls have helped me to know that there was 'someone there' and also let me know about activities I could go to which is where I've met some great new friends and had some real laughs.