Muriel’s Story

I’ve been using the service for about a year and a half and we go shopping on a Tuesday and a Thursday to supermarkets.

I lived in Bromley for about 35 years when I got married. I lost my husband when my daughter was only two, then I was on my own. I had to work and all the rest of it, like we all do.I have difficulty going out nowadays because I had a fall. I lost my confidence a bit as before I came to Maidstone I was mugged where I used to live. I think sometimes, although I don’t realise it, it still sort of had a bit of an effect on me, so I suppose that hasn’t helped.

I haven’t got a lot of confidence going out but I’ve got no problem going on the Involve minibus with Tim and all of them, I go down to the doctors if I need to go as once I get out I’m OK.

There was a notice for Involve I kept seeing near where I live but it was a while before I picked up the courage to come over! It’s funny when you come here, I didn’t know anything about Maidstone at all, other people were coming and going, because a lot of people there were going to their exercise classes. Then I met Karen and she was a tremendous help to me, she really was, she fixed the bed up for me so I suppose she was the first one that got me into coming gradually and I since then I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I go out on the outings, which are with the volunteer driver Tim. I’m up for anything, to get out and mix with other people.We’ve got the friendship circle also and anything that’s going on, I take up. I go to the exercise classes regularly, I don’t feel very good afterwards, feel a bit stiff but give it a day then I feel better! We have a meal, people come from all over the place, it’s nice because nobody has any problem to start talking with one another. I know a lot now about other places in the local area and am regularly going out on my shopping trips.