Kent Fire & Rescue can provide a free home safety visit - see information below or click here to visit their website


Just three breaths of fire smoke can be life-threatening. Sadly, older people, those with mobility or health issues are most likely to be injured or die if they have a fire at home.

Do you know someone who needs extra help to keep safe from fire?
Look out for the danger signs next time you visit friends, neighbours or relatives and get free advice to help keep them safe.

Contact us for free home safety advice on 0800 923 7000(free from most landlines, mobile charges may vary) or email contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What makes them more at risk?

no working smoke alarms, or having them fitted in the wrong place
clutter blocking escape routes
they find it hard to get around
they are hard of hearing or have failing eyesight
possible dementia or other health issue
taking medication
lifestyle choices ( smoking/ alcohol)
cold weather
Peace of mind for you and them

Keep them protected and make sure they get the advice and support they need.

free help and equipment to help keep them safe and well
talk to us about how we can help them remain independent in their own homes