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Actively Involved is a new Kent service which improves health and happiness for those 55 and over, or living with complex health conditions.

Our aim is to help find the support you need to improve your health, empowering you and people in your community.  We want to tackle the root causes of ill health, which can include isolation, loneliness and frailty.

It’s estimated that between 5% and 18% of UK adults feel lonely often or always. And when we feel socially rejected, it triggers a response in our brain similar to one from experiencing physical pain.

Please call one of our experienced team members today and let them help you find an activity to suit you.


We have a huge number of activities:

Art and Craft

Bird watching

Community Allotment

Entrepreneurial Advice

Foot Path Maintenance

Friendship and Social Contacts

Hedge Laying

Men's Sheds
Pond Management

Singing and Dance
Social Groups (Mental health focused)

Specialist Advice

Wildlife (Bat walks, Flora walks, Coppicing) 

This service is funded by Kent County Council, though some sessions will ask for a small fee
or suggested donation

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