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Moving Forwards

Initially focused on Medway and Thanet, Moving Forwards is a community-based Navigation and support service for young people aged 18-24 who have been in care.

Our trained Moving Forwards Navigators support young people, including Young Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers, to access services, plan for the future, manage crisis and enjoy activities, hobbies and new interests.

Support includes:

  • Easy open referral process including self-referral

  • Face to face, virtual or telephone support as needed, in the community or home visits

  • Holistic, ‘strengths based’ assessment of the young person’s needs, goals and aspirations

  • Motivational interviewing and coaching used to help young people develop an action plan, focused on ‘What Matters to me’

  • Information, advice and guidance to access a wide range of statutory and voluntary services

  • Support to access employment, education, training and volunteering opportunities

  • Linking to mental health support, including community provision, apps and NHS as needed

  • Support to access health care such as vaccination or registering with GP

  • Practical support such as form filling and attending alongside the young person

  • Funds to support travel, activities and interests to enable the young person to connect to local groups and enjoy life

  • Ongoing support over 12 months to build emotional resilience, social contacts and knowledge to transition to independent adulthood

If you would like to refer a young person to our service, please fill in this form and send it across to wk.connectwell@nhs.net 

Our aim is that all young people referred will be able to say:

'I feel supported to move forwards and live the life I choose.'

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