Involve Carers has joined with Carers’ Support – Ashford, Shepway & Swale, Carers’ Support – Canterbury, Dover & Thanet, Carers FIRST and Crossroads Care Kent to launch a new county-wide campaign to:

• raise the profile of Carers in Kent
• increase access to Carer services
• support health and social care professionals to identify and refer Carers to services earlier
• provide more opportunities for Carers to engage with and have their say about local and national issues that affect them.

The Kent Carers Matter campaign includes leaflets for the public and health/social care professionals, a website, Facebook, Twitter, stands in a range of venues and media activity. We’ve contacted councils, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, MPs, councillors and many others, to encourage them to support the campaign and get involved.


Find support for Carers in your area

We want to make sure that all Kent Carers know what support is available for them and how to access it. We’re particularly reaching out to those not already in touch with Carer organisations to do so as early as possible and reduce the impact of their caring role on their own health.

Find support available for Carers in your area


Have your say about issues that affect you as a Carer

We surveyed Carers in Kent to find out what things concerned them most, and what changes would make things easier for them and the people they care for. Kent Carers Matter is responding to Carer concerns by focussing on the following issues - a more Carer-friendly NHS, Carer-friendly workplaces, an increase in Carer’s Allowance, getting breaks from caring.

Find out what we’re doing and have your say at


How you can get involved as a GP, health or social care professional

If you’re a GP, health or social care professional you will be coming across Carers regularly. You have an important role to play in:

• identifying Carers
• helping Carers to feel more valued
• improving the health and well-being of Carers
• making your services more Carer-friendly.

As part of the campaign, we’ve written to all GP practices in Kent to provide information about how they can identify and support Carers at their practices. We’ll also be presenting to groups of health and social care staff across the county to raise awareness.

Find out what you can do to support Carers


How you can get involved as an employer

As an employer, recognising that there are Carers in your workforce and supporting them to manage their caring responsibilities alongside work can have a positive impact on their lives.

Find out what steps you can take as an employer

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