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Over 50's Forum & Steering Group

EngAgeNet Survey COVID-19

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Over 50's Forum & Steering Group

We are looking for individuals to become members of this steering group that is an integral part of sharing information with people aged over fifty in the Borough of Maidstone.

As a member of the steering Group you would have a desire to represent and promote the interests of older people.

We are entering an exciting period of change within the group, not only continuing with our face to face information sharing events but also creating a Newsletter and online information sharing opportunities to extend our reach to people in the Borough.

Our initial goals are to be:

  • An important Voice of Older people

  • To reduce loneliness and isolation in Older people

We provide this service for people aged between 50 and 100+.
The steering group is made up of people from broad and diverse backgrounds. We are currently looking for new members, who will bring their expertise and knowledge to the Steering Group and enable us to cover varied topics and relevant elements of life as we get older.

Members may have the following skills or experience:

  • Administration

  • Design /Artwork

  • Health information background

  • Benefits advice

  • Retirement advice

  • IT/website experience

  • Events organisation

  • Local background knowledge

If you have any of the above skills and would like to know a
little more please contact
This is a voluntary role, and we would ask that you are able to attend Group meetings and have a commitment of a few hours each month to ensure that as a group we can work together to create a welcoming and informative avenue for the over 50’s in the Maidstone Borough area.

EngAgeNet Survey COVID-19

How are older people being affected by the current Coronavirus crisis? It is hugely important to understand the main concerns, and what support should be provided to support those most in need at these times. EngAgeNet are carrying out this piece of work and you can check out more about them at

The link to the survey is:

If you have any problems with the link simply copy and paste into your browser. It is a totally anonymous survey: your details will not be retained, and it is the first of a series we hope to undertake in the weeks and months to come as the situation evolves.

Radio & online workouts