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We are expert provider of Social Prescribing Link Workers, Children’s Health and Wellbeing Navigators, Community Navigators, Care Coordinators and Health Coaches  to PCN’s in Kent and Medway; offering a professional, high quality, impact measured, insured, managed solutions exceeding NHS standards.

"I think you have a great model in West Kent and are an inspiration to the ‘system’"- STP Senior Project Manager

  • Experienced provider currently delivering social prescribing, Children’s Health and Wellbeing Navigators, Health Coaches and  Community Navigation across Kent currently contracted by PCN’s, KCC, The Kent and Medway CCG and the Department of Health. All services fully compliant with NHS guidance.

  • IG Compliant organisation, with HSCN / N3 line and VPN’s which we issue to all PCN staff, ensuring access to Emis, Vision and Vision 360.

  • Outcomes Focus approach, using robust impact measurement and  offering quarterly bespoke impact reports to each PCN.

  • Link Workers employed by Involve with all HR and associated liabilities managed

  • Dynamic recruitment campaigns, including targeted social media, rigorous selection processes and top quality screening.

  • Induction and training including motivational interviewing and safeguarding

  • Clinical and peer support and supervision, and performance management ensuring full compliance with NHS competency framework 

  • Systems, processes, policies and tools in place to ensure workers deliver an effective, patient centred and outcomes-based service meeting the needs of their Primary Care Network

  • Advice and support from Involve Information Officer providing access to over 1200 local groups and organisations to ‘prescribe’/ refer to

  • Utilising community venue and home working where space in practice is in high demand

  • Information Governance, data systems and processes enabling reporting including impact on the person and the system eg reduced GP appointments

  • Appropriately insured and indemnified; liability sits with Involve

  • Risk management systems embedded including support for complex cases with multiagency involvement


Involve can support your Primary Care Network to access the investment for a variety of additional role and provide a fully managed, indemnified service compliant with NHS guidelines and within budget

Click here to download our webinar for GPs on how to make the most of Social Prescribing in your practice