Access Support 

Social Prescribing, sometimes referred as ‘Community Referral’, is a process that enables health professionals to refer people to a range of non-clinical services. 

Social Prescribing takes a more holistic approach to improving health and wellbeing by connecting people to groups, activities and other services in the local area. This could include support around social isolation, loneliness, unemployment, housing, debt or anything else that might be affecting you. Our Social Prescribing service is accessible to over 18's only.


If you are interested in seeing a social prescribing link worker, please contact your GP in the first instance.

We can help by:

• Talking through worries, understanding your needs and setting a plan

• Linking you to specialist services to help with weight loss or fitness, tailored to your needs

• Support with feeling low, anxious or unmotivated

• Advice and guidance to tackle problems like, housing, debt, unemployment

• Connecting you to local groups and social networks


Our Social Prescribing Link Workers can also offer support around Chronic Pain, COPD, Long Covid, Diabetes, Learning Disabilities and Long-term health conditions. We run peer support groups both in the community and online to reduce social isolation to provide the opportunity to connect with others who understand what living with a long-term condition is like.

How to Refer:

Whether you wish to self-refer or make a referral for a client, please complete the attached referral form and send to us at