Why Choose Involve?

Our vision is 'Healthy, connected people and communities'. We improve health, empowering people and communities to live well and tackling the root causes of ill health including isolation, loneliness, disadvantage and frailty.

Our vision of healthy connected people and communities extends to our Involve teams, employees and volunteers and we aim to recruit and engage aligned with our vision and values. We aim to treat everyone with respect and empower all employees to trust their judgement when carrying out their duties.

Working for a charity can be rewarding in itself but in order to attract and retain the quality of staff we need to achieve our vision, we believe in rewarding the wonderful work of our employees properly.

Benefits of working with us

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when working for us.

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Organised Staff Events

Spending time with our colleagues in a more relaxed environment is important for building a strong team ethos. Charities don’t have lots of money for flash events but we do have regular all staff meetings as well as social events such as a summer picnic and a Christmas party.

Annual Leave

Your work-life balance is important to us. It takes dedication to provide great service to our clients and communities and we all need a break once in a while!

We provide 25 days holiday plus bank holidays with additional days off over Christmas when the offices are closed.  

Family Friendly Policies

At Involve we recognise that our staff have commitments outside of work whether that relates to childcare or caring responsibilities for family members and dependants. Our range of family friendly policies is designed to make it possible for our employees to balance more easily both work and family life. In addition to maternity, maternity support and adoption leave, we include a variety of policies to support flexible working and enable more equal sharing of work and childcare between both caregivers so that both can fulfil their potential at work and help us to retain valuable skills in the workplace.

Employee Assistance Programme

Here at Involve we have a dedicated online health portal which designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home life or work life, health, and general wellbeing.

Staff Wellbeing Programme

Staff wellbeing is a high priority for us and our job descriptions include the requirement to proactively manage your own health, wellbeing and resilience to ensure you can provide consistent, quality support to people.

Sick Pay

We understand that employees may need to be absent from work from time to time due to sickness. We operate an occupational sick pay scheme after successful completion of your initial probationary period.


We believe that planned systematic training has an important part to play in the development of both you and Involve. This training will start when you first join us and will continue throughout your career. Where development potential is identified, you will be encouraged to develop that potential through planned training.

Agile Working Policy

Involve recognises the need to develop modern working practices, with the aim of implementing flexibility that can enable employees to maintain a stronger work life balance.

Most of our roles include an element of agile working where you can work flexibly from a range of locations including Involve office hot desks, partner organisations and home working.

Pension Scheme

It’s essential to save for your retirement. Everyone is eligible to join our group pension plan after three months.

The total contribution to your pension is 8% of your salary. You are required to contribute 4% of your salary. Involve contributes 3% of your salary with an additional 1% contribution from the government via a 20% tax relief on contributions.

Eye Care Scheme

We’ll pay for an eye test, and if you need glasses for screen work we’ll cover the cost of basic glasses or help to make fancy ones more affordable.

Complimentary Tea & Coffee In The Office

It’s a small thing but when you are in the offices we provide free tea and coffee. And as a friendly bunch, you’ll find the occasional tray of cakes or packet of biscuits to tempt you too!

Annual Cost Of Living Increase

We know that fair pay is important. Salaries are reviewed annually in respect of inflationary or 'cost of living' increases.

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Work Colleagues

Current Vacancies

Our services are constantly growing as we aim to support more people. We are proud of our innovative roles and are looking to recruit people who share our same vision and values