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We run weekly Wellbeing and Inclusion sessions to connect people to groups/activities in the central Maidstone area. These sessions encourage people that experience mental health problems or any other long-term health condition to socialise, learn new skills and create meaningful long-lasting change.


These peaceful, worry-free and safe sessions have been proven to make a positive impact as they encourage independence, boost confidence and help people to cope better with their day to day life.

Since launching our Wellbeing and Inclusion sessions we have seen an increase in life satisfaction, life worthwhileness, and have seen a reduction in loneliness.

" I was in such a better place; the group gave me a reason to get motivated and to meet people in a similar situation as myself "

"My mental health can be very up and down sometimes but it helps connecting with people and being involved in something useful like this project"

"Before attending Grow Well, I felt disconnected from people and worries about mixing with people but now I feel more connected and am less anxious about mixing with others"

Core Activities:

•            Allotment projects at MCSC and Shepway Community allotment

•            ‘Shed’ project at MCSC; recycling, woodwork etc

•            Craft and sewing projects at our Involve Hub, Maidstone

•            Nature/ outdoors/ volunteering projects

•            Walking groups

All activities take place in areas of central Maidstone with easy public transport links. If transport concerns you please contact us using the information below.











If you are interested in learning more about our Wellbeing and Inclusion sessions, please get in contact with us via email: or by giving us a call on our freephone number 03000 810005.


Wellbeing and Inclusion

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