Di Denyer, Finance & HR Officer

I worked in accounts/finance primarily within the construction industry, so working for a charity was completely new to me. I was temping but looking for a permanent position and saw Involve had advertised on Indeed for a Finance Officer, when I spoke to a family member about applying I discovered Involve Kent had helped my family. That made me more determined to work for them and to give something back.

I enjoy my work at Involve and I have taken on more responsibility since I first started, and I hope this will continue as we grow bigger. When I have ideas about making changes or improvements, no matter how big or small they are, I am listened to and the idea is discussed which makes me feel like I am a valued member of staff.

If anyone is thinking of working for Involve Kent, I would encourage you to apply, I have learnt that when you work here, you are encouraged to have a work/life balance and everyone is very friendly and supportive.