Jacqueline Bray & Community Navigator for Carers

My caring role gives me a greater insight into some of the problems that carers share with me.  When providing carers with support I am able to share from personal experience resources that may be helpful for them in their individual circumstances.  Conversely, working for an organisation that provides support to carers means that I have easy access to information, advice and support that makes a real a difference to me as a carer, and which could potentially be useful for my husband.  I have personally been able to access support from the Involve Community Navigation for Carers service, and this has been essential to help me sustain my caring role whilst continuing to work full-time for such a worthwhile organisation. 


I enjoy being part of the Involve team and working alongside dedicated, caring staff who all want to make a difference to the lives of those they are supporting, and who also care about each other’s wellbeing.  This creates a very positive working atmosphere.  Staff are well supported and encouraged to share any innovative ideas they have, so that the service is constantly being reviewed and improved in order to increase the effectiveness of what we do.