AI-Anon Family Groups Maidstone


The Vine, 10-11 Northumberland Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 7LP, England.

What we do

We understand that you may be full of questions ahead of your first Al-Anon meeting.

Here is what you can expect.
Expect to meet people from different walks of life all united through a common bond: a challenging relationship with a drinker. They may be a relative, a colleague or a friend to someone who drinks.

Although shared experiences may be common, each member will have a unique perspective on the problem of dealing with alcoholism. If you keep an open mind, you are likely to hear something you can identify with, which will help you move forward.

Meeting on Thursday from 20:00. The Meeting is held in The Vine (The Beacon Church). Directions: if coming via Sutton Road this is the big building that comes before the parade of shops; if coming via Willington Street, it is the big building that comes after the parade of shops.