Rethink Sahayak one to one support DGS & Ashford & Group Sessions DGS


Rethink Sahayak, 4 - 5 High Street, Gravesend, DA11 0BQ

What we do

One-to-one individual support – provided through referrals including Professionals, self-referral or family/friends, offering practical and emotional support also advice and information, available for DGS and Ashford. Rethink Sahayak groups –A key opportunity to experience educational enhancement on mental health, where to access support and learn about culturally specific topics which impact minoritised communities i.e., domestic abuse.

Groups are offered 2 hour sessions for both men and women and available for individuals in DGS. Rethink Sangam group – A peer led support group, focusing on Mental H & wellbeing through activities, combatting isolation, and aiding with mental health recovery, takes place weekly on a Weds (10am – 12pm).