Jen Vincent, Team Lead Community Navigation Carers

I have now worked for Involve for 5 years after spending time working within other areas of social care and have been very fortunate to see how much the organisation has grown in this time.  At the time of applying for the position that I started in, I was firstly looking to move to live in another area so was hoping to find a job closer to home, but it was also very important to me to be able to start a new job in a similar role to the one I was already doing, and one that there might be the opportunity for progression. 


I have been able to achieve all the things that were important to me and in the last 5 years I have successfully gained a promotion to the role of Team Lead, firstly working on the telephone team and then 12 months ago transitioning to the Team Lead for Community Navigation for Carers.  With support from management my confidence has also grown and I am really enjoying supervising a small team of staff, something which I never would have expected to enjoy so much.  I would like to believe that in the future I may also feel ready to apply for further promotions that become available, the beauty of working for an organisation like Involve who are constantly looking to evolve is that there are many opportunities for staff to do this should they wish to.  Other than supporting and training other staff to enable them to develop their own skills, my favourite thing about the job I do is being able to finish work each day knowing that the team and I have made a difference to people’s lives. 


For anyone considering applying for a job with Involve then I would really encourage them go for it, I have never felt happier in a job and the fact that Involve have been able to grow as much as it has while still holding onto the values held as a much smaller organisation speaks volumes.