Lizzie Lowrey, Social Prescribing Development Manager

Before joining Involve I had never worked in the voluntary sector, having studied fashion and then worked in marketing before taking some time out to volunteer overseas. Once I arrived back in the UK I decided to pursue a new career and had a passion for volunteering following my own experiences. I actually applied for my initial role at Involve whilst in an airport as it was the closing date! In 2015 I joined Involve as the Volunteer Centre Manager, based at the Volunteer Centre in Maidstone. This role included developing volunteer opportunities across Maidstone and supporting local voluntary groups around volunteer infrastructure. Unfortunately the grant funding for this work ended in 2016 but I remained at Involve to work on marketing and then to manage the ‘Volunteer for Wellbeing’ project.


After being involved in the initial development of the social prescribing CCG work, I realised I had a passion for social prescribing and was delighted to move into my current role in 2020 as Social Prescribing Development Manager. Over the past year I have been offered so many new challenges to address, opportunities to develop and diversify my skills and have seen the start of some really innovative work. One of the things I love about working at Involve is that the staff are genuinely included in decisions and given an opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, concerns etc. I feel like I really have a voice.


For anyone considering working at Involve, I would highly recommend it. I have never worked with such a supportive management team that genuinely care, are always available and that want to help support everyone to develop to be the best they can be.