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What we do

Suicide&Co is a charity with the core aim to support those bereaved by suicide and open the conversation around suicide-related grief. Suicide&Co’s main form of support is a Counselling Service that is free to access for anyone bereaved by suicide, over the age of 18 living in England and Wales, once they have passed the 6-month loss anniversary. We have lots of information and resources on our website including a Help Hub to support those bereaved from day one. Both our social media and website are sources of information, curating existing content, signposting to useful resources and highlighting lived experience. By offering a source of consolidated and specific information in a user-friendly hub, we aim to enable individuals to access the right information as quickly as possible, welcoming them into a non-judgemental community. We are passionate about reversing the stigma of suicide and mental health issues and believe that our charity will lead to positive change individually and in society overall.